The Assemblage

Denver Based Band

The Assemblage is a band from Denver Colorado.  

Her Beauteous Gaze  (Soundtrack Only)

This is a short film by Kevin Bradshaw 

A stylistic contemporary documentary film that, delves into the world of photography amongst the backdrop of a metropolis city. The story follows a photographer as they embark on a personal journey to discover places and moments in their life long city with new eyes. A tale of identity unraveled amongst the metropolitan jungle of concrete and lights told by a filmmakers adventure through photography and, a filmmakers pursuit of ideological understandings of capturing moments through the lens.

It is a story of self-discovery captured through the lens of the photographer's eye. The photographer journeys out into the metropolis searching for the undiscovered, venturing to places that they have never visited to obtain that golden image. Their adventures will be met by finding, not only these undiscovered places, people, buildings, locations etc., but also, finding themselves in place where they have always felt they have known. It is also a tale of photographed moments through the lens of another photography medium, the medium of film.