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The Assemblage is a band from Denver Colorado.  

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The Assemblage Music In New Documentary

Thank you to Timothée Demeillers for using our music in his Film Vukovar, une réconciliation impossible?  Here is the synopsis: Two decades have passed since the end of the war in Croatia.

From France we know its beautiful beaches and sites classified by UNESCO. But the back of the postcard, Croatia has kept a dark side, wounds unhealed war. In Vukovar, a city of 30,000 inhabitants, the war is still omnipresent on the walls of houses, on the benches of schools, in homes, in every head. 
Here, Serbs and Croats live side by side while ignoring, separated by invisible borders in those areas where each home is the rule. Formerly floret of communist Yugoslavia, Vukovar would it today condemned?

Condemned has let his most brawlers elements and radical replay endlessly the same bellicose chorus, condemned not offer its inhabitants a bitter day in a space left abandoned, condemned to live with his demons ..